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Investment Portfolio

WILLIGENT Technologies

A high tech security company focused on protecting strategic and valuable assets located in remote parts of the world. Such assets include national borders, oil & gas pipelines, power distribution infrastructures and other such installations.

Xenos Shipping

A Greek managed shipping operation with a focus on purchasing handy size bulk carriers. Bulk carriers carry such cargoes as coal, ore and grain where market conditions are currently strong.  Xenos is focusing on the smaller, handy size class of vessels due to their flexibility and favorable supply/demand conditions. Xenos intends to use its management expertise and industry contacts to operate these vessels and provide a steady cash flow for its shareholders.

WILLPower Industries

An alternate energy company developing wind farms, Jatropha based BioDiesel, and coal gasification projects in emerging markets.


A biotechnology company working with novel enzymes to produce ethanol and other fuels from industrial and farm waste.


A biotechnology company focused on converting byproducts of biofuel companies into advanced biomaterials.


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